Alphabet Workout

Hey guys,

I had an idea for some workout inspiration and thought I would share it here. The concept isn’t original at all, but this particular workout was written by me ☺.




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14 Day Reset Cleanse – Phase 1

My adventure on the 14 Day Reset Cleanse is underway!  I am currently on Day 2 of Phase 2.

Phase 1 was very easy.  The first phase is all about preparation. I really wish that I had my personal Health Coach coaching me through this. It would have been easier to have her just tell me what to do and buy to prepare instead of figuring it out on my own.  I would recommend you use a Coach to go through this, but you can totally do it on your own as well.

The first day I spent a lot of time reading through the guide book and understanding the do’s and don’ts of the cleanse.  This cleanse is great because its not about Fasting. There is no reason to feel hungry or deprived.  Its all about clearing out the things that can cause allergies and inflammation with in your body as to give your body a break and allow it to heal.

The second day I did all my shopping. I went to Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Albertsons.  This is an all organic cleanse for fruits and vegetables you are allowed to have. It doesn’t really require any supplements but some powdered greens and proteins are recommended for your smoothies.

After all the shopping was completed I went home and organized my kitchen and prepared everything.  The whole weekend of the 2 days of Phase 1 I spent time mentally preparing myself and envisioning how the next 12 days would go.  Being mentally prepared is necessary before you enter into a cleanse so if it becomes difficult you will already be mentally/emotionally ready and won’t be too caught off guard and want to quit. Part of this means cleaning out your kitchen or your office desk drawers, of all tempting snacks and foods that are not allowed on the cleanse. I also went to a hot springs and spent some time in the sun.  Relax and ease yourself in!


It has been great so far, and I am really liking it!  I will get into more specifics of phase 2 in a couple days when I am further into it.


Calculating how much you spend on alcohol a year?


Hi Melissa,

Thank you for letting people write in with questions. I have been wondering this for a while but I was worried all my friends would judge me if they found out how much. I worry about my Wine drinking and how much is costs. I was wondering what you did to calculate how much money worth of alcohol you drink a year. Can you help me figure out how much money of wine Im spending in a year and what I should do about it?

Thank you, Thinking About Wine


Hey there TAW,

First I want to say thank you so much for writing me and allowing me to post your question on my blog.  I really do appreciate it more than you know!

I would love for you to read the book I am currently reading, A Happier Hour by Rebecca Weller. She is a wonderful writer and writes in a very easy to read style. Her book has resonated very deeply with me.

You are wondering how to calculate about how much you are spending a year in wine. I believe referring to my having mentioned I calculated I believe last year I spent over $5,000 on alcohol.

I (OVER) estimated that I was drinking a 6 pack of beer or a couple cocktails every night. I averaged this to be about $50/week with out going out. I don’t really drink that much every night but I have no idea how much I spend on the weekends going out so I wanted to over estimate somewhere so it would hopefully even out. That equals about $2,600 dollars a year on alcohol just at home. Then I guessed I was spending about $30 a week on alcohol when my kids and I went out to eat during the week. That would be about beer or two every time we went out to dinner during the week. That leaves about $60 a week on Troy and I going out to eat and drink. So I came to around $5000.

Average about how many bottles you think you are drinking a week. If you are like my friend’s that are wine drinkers you probably stick to around the same price range for all your bottles. The formula is very simple. It goes like this;

At home

$10 Bottle of Wine each day of the week = $70

$70 x 52 Weeks = $3,640 on wine at home

Let say you go out once week and have a few glasses of wine. Lets say you spend about $30 every weekend on wine.

$30 + 52 Weeks = $1,500

$3,640 at home + $1,500 on the town= $5,140/year

The calculations are easy if you are willing to just guess. I like to round up with this and my budget. That leaves me some cushion. You might be spending way less depending on the cost of wine you drink and how often you are going. Try skipping even one day, or even one glass per day, this would be reducing the cost of the wine you drink at home per week. Stopping going out to eat are all way to reduce that amount significantly but maybe just reduce the amount of going out monthly and that is still reducing the total at the end of the month.

Quitting for January has been great for me. While I have still had a few drinks on a Saturday the first week and a Friday the second week, I haven’t binged or over drank to the point of being hung over at all. Given its still mid-January I have one drank twice.  The amount of money I’ve saved not drinking is absolutely unbelievable! I paid off my smallest credit card on Wednesday!

Thank you so much for writing in!


The whole point of this blog and my life/health coaching is to help people. I am delighted to get to help out!

*I am not a doctor or lawyer! This advice is friends talking and no more than that!

Nutrition: Listening to Your Body

In the nutrition course I am taking as part of my Health Coach training we are learning about Dietary Paradigms. One that has really resonated with me and I think might be the most difficult to learn is, the body knows what it needs.  Your brain might not be able to decipher what your body is telling you, but again the body knows what it needs.

talks about in her article, Food Cravings & What they’re Trying to To Tell You, you crave chocolate when all you really need is some magnesium in your diet. Then in the blog post, Beat Cravings from Discovering your Happiness she says, “While you might crave for something sweet, your body maybe is lacking the mineral chromium, which can be found in beef, kidney, carrots and broccoli.”

What are you telling me?

Sometimes we may get confused and believe body is telling us it needs a sweet treat when really our mind needs some form of comfort. If your go-to is a bowl of cereal or a piece of chocolate you might not be lacking in some vital nutrients at all, but you are lacking in some awareness about how you are coping emotionally.

Sit With It

What can we do about this? How can we tell the difference between a mineral depletion and an emotional one? We want to be healthy and listen to our bodies, but what the hell is it trying to tell us? I would suggest if you are having a craving and you want it, go for it.  If you are having a craving and there are feelings or guilt around it, maybe sit with it for a little bit. What is this craving really telling you? Should you just take a multivitamin or up your beef and broccoli consumption? Or is it something more? What was your day at work like? Do you find comfort and relaxation savoring each bite of that piece of chocolate or pizza or whatever. If you decide to go for it and eat the treat really pay attention to how you feel as you make the decision to eat it, as you walk to the kitchen to prepare it, as you sit down to eat it, while you are eating, it and after you are done.  Take not of all of these moments. If there is a lot of emotion around it, you might have some emotional eating going on that would be worth exploring.

Is there something else you can do to comfort yourself?

  • Journal
  • Read
  • Call a Friend
  • Take a Bath
  • Make a list of all the meals you want to cook next week. (This could easily lead down a rabbit whole of pinterest food porn. Which I find extremely comforting!)
  • Watch Netflix
  • Put on Pajamas and slippers and snuggle
  • Go for a run
  • Read health/fitness magazines like Oxygen or Clean Eating
  • Play games on your phone
  • Make some tea
  • Try aromatherapy
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Go to bed

When to see an M.D.

If cravings are persistent and you have tried everything, I would suggest consulting your doctor. They could run a blood lab and make sure you aren’t deficient in anything. From there you could always see a counselor, health coach, or nutritionist.  You have to do what works for you and ensures you are happy and healthy both physically and mentally.

My success coach told me yesterday that I need to dig deeper not wider. I believe this applies to this situation as well. Look into yourself for answers, your body does know. Honestly, you probably actually know more than you are letting yourself admit.


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Exciting Announcements!

back to school

HURRAY!! I am so excited to tell you what has happened as of last night.

A few days ago I replied to this question on another blog…

What would you like to accomplish this year?

I’d like to just stick with my blog. Even if no one reads it. I love writing and would like to get better at it. I’d love to work on the novel I’ve been thinking about for years. I’d love to become a health and life coach and help all my friends and anyone who needs it. I want to be outside and be healthy. I want to be a rock. A solid foundation for my children and loved ones!

The first announcement, I have taken one more step towards my goals for this year!  I am going back to school!!  I have enrolled in a program to become a health and life coach!  I was a personal trainer for years before my 8 year old was born. I am familiar with coaching and leading a healthy lifestyle. While I am not super interested in going back into personal training and I have no problem outlining workouts for people. Exploring the nutrition and mental aspects of health seem so much more interesting.  This was a hard decision for me to make, as I am always short on time, raising two kids and working full time. This has been a dream of mine and now that I am finally walking down this path I can’t believe how long I waited. I will for sure keep you posted on all the wonderful things this program is teaching me. Helping people and watching others succeed brings a lot of joy and makes me feel very fulfilled. Maybe it is selfish but is anything we do truly altruistic?


♥ Melissa