Insights Gained through Loss

As previously mentioned a couple weeks ago my relationship.  At the time this felt like a traumatic loss and I was quite sad. With some time I have a couple insights I would like to share that I have gained through this loss.

  1.  I was making many sacrifices I didn’t realize were hurting me.
    • I have felt light and happy.  I have a sense of ease and confidence. EXCITEMENT for the future.  I have realized how much of myself I was forced to hide and to give up in order to maintain my relationship.  I am allowed to be silly, talkative, do things my own way, have fun, HOPE FOR THE FUTURE.
  2. No one Died.
    • While it felt like I had to say goodbye to my best friend and never hear from him or see him again. I realized, after a grocery store bump in, that we are still friends and still get along. There is no reason for the fun inside jokes and happy times to end. All the pressure of the relationship presented has been lifted and a friendship can now be formed.

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