Everything has Changed

Two weeks ago my relationship ended. We were together for 4 wonderful years. Its a bummer but I am doing well. I will not be sharing details on a public forum out of respect. I will say that my goals are in flux and my focus is changing.  While I am still dedicated to helping others and to health and fitness.]

I am still taking courses and getting my Health/Life coach certification. As well as while I am learning to be alone again and I am going to focus on myself and children. I can’t promise regular posts for a while and I am not sure how the blog will change but I know the outcome is going to be very positive. I will get back to fitness, nutrition, relationships, parenting, budgeting, organizing, minimizing and all my other favorite topics to explore.

The day we parted I had an unrelated call with my health/life coach. It was my first session in a 90 day transformation I was and still am very excited to be on. My goals and focus for the transformation have changed as well.  For now I am going to focus on the transformation.

Thanks for all your kind words of support. This community means a lot to me.  One woman in particular was so kind to let me email her a stream of consciousness sad rambling emotional vomit and I felt so much better tonight reading her reply.  What a nice stranger and new friend. Thank you Shelley.

5 things that make ME smile

  1. When my kids have real and sincere belly laughs at their own laughs.
  2. Being in the forest, smelling the forest duff, listening to the wind in trees, watching the trail curve ahead of me. 
  3. Happy calls and texts with good news from my closest girlfriends.
  4. When cats purr really loud.
  5. Garden walks and hot tea with my closest Aunt.

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