Share your Favorite Blog Post

What was your favorite blog post you wrote? Was it popular? Unpopular?

I need to do some research to better my own writing and discover somethings about myself. I think reading other peoples writings will help me with this. Thank you so much for all your help. This blog and the community around and WordPress has been really fulfilling.

Share links to your blog including;

  • favorite blog post
  • most popular post
  • least popular post

Please give a description of what your blog is about and why you think your post was popular or unpopular?

This will help me out and maybe help you to spread the word about your blog!

Thank you!


21 Replies to “Share your Favorite Blog Post”

  1. What a great idea! I really enjoy seeking out new perspectives myself. I think its a brilliant idea to invite others to share their blog with you on your blog! The search for wisdom and self growth is a wonderful life long endeavor and blogs are a wonderful source of tools on this journey! I hope my blog effectively conveys a perspective you may not be accustomed to as yours has done for me.

    My favorite and most viewed blog has been this two part look at the importance of personal responsibility.

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    1. If your least liked post had 33 likes, I’d say you are doing pretty well!!!! Boy that post was hard to read. I loved the quote by Tolle. Joy is indigestible to Pain. Smile Smile Smile. Pain Pain go away!!!!

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  2. That is a great idea!
    Forgive me, but I’m not sure which one of my posts falls into which category, and it’s late, so I’ll just describe from the top of my head.
    My favorite post – actually, every one of them.
    My most popular – probably one of my “shorter” posts, ex. on blogging tips.
    My least popular – (of course, my beginning posts were not viewed a lot since I had no followers) a post in which I politely speak against people who are ignorant and refuse to listen to you even if you’re right.
    Hope it helps.

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  3. 32/365


    My Blog is all about making yourself a better version of yourself each day. I share my thoughts and activities that I do to keep myself in a happy mood, how I uplift myself and I enjoy inspiring others! It’s all positivity and happiness over here at:

    My most recent blog project is #365RemarkableMomentsOf2018

    My favorite blog post? This is hard one but I would say the one that started this Blog journey!

    Most popular post

    Least popular post

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  4. Hello! I’m a very new blogger and I have been posting everyday since I started 🙂
    My most liked post is actually my first blog post -
    My least liked post is one I wrote about my shaving my hair -
    And my favourite one for now is –
    I would love for some feedback on my blog or specific blog posts as I’m still learning how it all works
    Maria xx

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