Divorce Recovery List – A Throwback

While going through my books for The Great Decluttering I found a card tucked into one. It was a list I had made in the heat of divorce. It is all the stuff I wanted to get into to move past the divorce and be my own person. Looking at the list now I see much of the list is what my Dad did when he was going through his divorce. I supposed he was a pretty good role-model to follow out of that stressful time.

  • Scotch
    • Never got into! I still can’t stand the taste.
  • Cigars
    • Tried but no cigar! Haha I do still want to get into a pipe though. I love the smell and it does remind me of my dad.
  • Books
    • Check! I was reading a ton before during and after my divorce
  • Guitar
    • Never happened. I did get a Uke though. I can play the first line or so from Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds.
  • Photography
    • This is still an intention of mine. I have been trying to get back into it. I have offered to take my friends’ family photos so it is just a matter of time.
  • Running
    • Check and Check. I love running. I run trails and roads. I used to sign up for more races but I don’t really do that anymore.
  • Cycling
    • Check again! I love mountain biking. I would love to start road biking or cycle cross. Just expand my horizons a little.
  • Drawing
    •  Boom! I do this one almost every day. Maybe just doodles. But if I sat down to formally draw something I bet I could.
  • Soccer
    • I did this for a while but it started to be too much. I left my soccer team after getting injured 1 too many times.

What a funny list to come across.  Its amazing how we change.  I wonder if I made a list now what it would look like?

How about you?

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