Its Monday… time for some Reflections

Monday & Tuesday

These were both great days.

Monday I was busy finishing week one’s work for my Health/Life Coach training.  I did some reading, listened to a class, and did a lab with a sweet girl from the program. I am happy to finally be digging in!

Tuesday I spent $97. This was for a ticket to the live event in Pheonix for my Coach Training. It is in April but I wanted to get it on the books now.


I PAID OFF MY 1st CREDIT CARD!!! I paid the final $313 off! The first thing I did with my pay check when I received it was pay this thing off.  My next goal is paying off the second, bigger credit card.

Wednesday night I spent $36 on hand lotion. It is a great hand lotion and even Troy likes it for after climbing. Plus it smells amazing. This isn’t allowed on the shopping ban. I bought it and after I realized I had just broke the ban and was shocked. I didn’t realize you could accidentally buy something and not even think about not being allowed to  shop!


I spent another $107 tea. A friend heard a rumor the company we go through and love was going to go out of business. We both ordered our favorites in just in case even though I bought some last week.  We later found out in an email that they aren’t sure now. I am glad I loaded up just in case. My coworkers will tell you, I drink insane amounts of tea all day and my kids will tell you I drink tea all night. Especially with the not drinking alcohol at night. Hot drinks are a great replacement.  I love Yogi tea and yerba from Guayaki but something about local tea. Their main shop cafe already closed it was really sad.


Thank you thank you thank you! I was really happy and proud last week to answer your question on Friday. I am looking forward to this Friday and answering more questions and sending out more books! I decided to up the amount of questions and books to 3. It could be 2 or 3 depending on how long they are. Please send in your questions!! The shwag I ordered to give you with your books are very cool, I am so proud of it.  I can’t wait to begin offering even better items in the future.  Submit your question for Friday now!! SUBMIT HERE! 

Friday evening my kids and I went out to eat with a good friend and her kids. She and I had two beers each there. After we went to the candy store and got some candy and a gift card for my son’s friend’s birthday. Of course my kids picked out some candy for them selves as well.  I didn’t count this as breaking the shopping ban, it is food and a gift which are allowed.

Later my son went to the birthday party and my other son and I went over to my friends house. We each (NOT THE KIDS lol!) had 3 beers there. Not great for Sober January but I figured I knew Troy was out of town probably partying and I was with my friend who is doing it too. We agreed the point is moderation. We moderated great. I still went to bed at a reasonable hour and was able to wake up with my alarm at 7:30 on Saturday and I felt find and awake.


Like I said I had to wake up early for an international skype call. Don’t I sound fancy?  It was a job interview. It went well. I have do some more work and training and another interview and then I might have a nice little side part time job working 5-10 hours a week and weekends. Anything to get this Credit Card and my Truck PAID OFF.

The rest of the day I worked on the computer. I set up a GoFundMe for my son’s school, that really needs some remodeling. If you guys can donate even $1 or even just share the link I would appreciate it!

Saturday afternoon we went back to my girlfriends house so the kids could play. We were going to go on a hike but the kids went out in the back yard and it never happened. That evening we made enchiladas and her boyfriend joined us. We did drink some beers with him.  Nothing crazy but I still feel obligated to disclose that.

spent $12 on spoons. Totally against the shopping ban. We have like 2 regular spoons and a thousand soup spoons. It was driving me crazy. I kept spill tea everywhere in massive tsunamis of tea flying out of the cup every time I tried to stir with an oversized spoon. So I threw a fit, and $12 later we have some spoons on their way to us.


Sunday was GREAT.  We climbed in the morning. When we got home I cleaned all day. I decluttered so much!  I TOOK 4 BOXES to the Idaho Youth Ranch.  I cleaned out my pantry, all my cupboards and all my drawers. I made it through all the kitchen stuff and most of the office stuff. I began working on my front room and was able to give a coworker a box full a ton of old gloves, hats, and scarves my kids don’t use anymore.


Year of no Shopping:

This week Spent $252

Sober January:

This week drank on 2 occasions


5 Boxes Donated or Given Away

2 trash bags thrown out

Tons of recycling. My Bin is full!

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