Raising Girls Self-esteems!

raise-girls-selfesteems4241jpg.jpgAll women know that no matter how long they take to get ready in the morning… when they get to school or work and go into the bathroom they are going to look awful. Why? Because the lighting is terrible, the mirrors are terrible. The paint is often drab and the stalls are painted an awful off white that reflects onto your face making you look tired and washed out. We often leave the bathroom feeling terrible about ourselves.

Junior High aged girls are at a very sensitive time in their lives. Their self esteems are at an all time low and they are extremely self conscious. When they walk into the bathroom at school and look into the mirror, like all women, it makes them feel awful. When they girls go to class they aren’t feeling happy and confident. They want to hide and feel terrible.

I believe if we remodel North Jr High’s bathrooms or at least one or two… with the proper lighting and mirrors, better paint and a nicer environment, these girls will go back to class feeling good about themselves and confident.

This could raise class morale and participation. No one wants to raise their hand and have everyone look at them when they feel like they look gray, broken out, and tired.

I am not specifically picking on North, at all. This is a great school and I am proud my son goes there. Most buildings are like this. North just happens to be my local Jr High School.

Every penny donated will go to North Jr High in an effort to help them afford to remodel their bathrooms.


7 Replies to “Raising Girls Self-esteems!”

  1. I agree that improving environment (surroundings) is always an important responsibility and one to pass on to young women and men. However, I believe it will be most effective if you pair the lesson of always improving the environment with the lesson of how important it is to always be developing higher order character that is not dictated by something as arbitrary as lighting or paint color. Work to establish your self identity in your virtue. In how you conduct yourself in the world. In what makes you valuable as a human being. If we can teach young people to live in this way, they will not be crushed when the lights are certain tone or the paint is ugly. We should be building people up as strong and stable characters who can withstand their environment and not fold with the wind. While simultaneously bringing them into the responsibility of improving the environment they exist in.


    1. Very complex for a kid to understand. I get what you’re saying as an adult, but children don’t have that ingrained rejection mechanism yet. They’re not able to cope because identity is new for them. And it’s at a time where peers standards mean more because this is their peer group. Your parents voices tend to be nonexistent because you’re not trying to connect to people their age.

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