Calculating how much you spend on alcohol a year?


Hi Melissa,

Thank you for letting people write in with questions. I have been wondering this for a while but I was worried all my friends would judge me if they found out how much. I worry about my Wine drinking and how much is costs. I was wondering what you did to calculate how much money worth of alcohol you drink a year. Can you help me figure out how much money of wine Im spending in a year and what I should do about it?

Thank you, Thinking About Wine


Hey there TAW,

First I want to say thank you so much for writing me and allowing me to post your question on my blog.  I really do appreciate it more than you know!

I would love for you to read the book I am currently reading, A Happier Hour by Rebecca Weller. She is a wonderful writer and writes in a very easy to read style. Her book has resonated very deeply with me.

You are wondering how to calculate about how much you are spending a year in wine. I believe referring to my having mentioned I calculated I believe last year I spent over $5,000 on alcohol.

I (OVER) estimated that I was drinking a 6 pack of beer or a couple cocktails every night. I averaged this to be about $50/week with out going out. I don’t really drink that much every night but I have no idea how much I spend on the weekends going out so I wanted to over estimate somewhere so it would hopefully even out. That equals about $2,600 dollars a year on alcohol just at home. Then I guessed I was spending about $30 a week on alcohol when my kids and I went out to eat during the week. That would be about beer or two every time we went out to dinner during the week. That leaves about $60 a week on Troy and I going out to eat and drink. So I came to around $5000.

Average about how many bottles you think you are drinking a week. If you are like my friend’s that are wine drinkers you probably stick to around the same price range for all your bottles. The formula is very simple. It goes like this;

At home

$10 Bottle of Wine each day of the week = $70

$70 x 52 Weeks = $3,640 on wine at home

Let say you go out once week and have a few glasses of wine. Lets say you spend about $30 every weekend on wine.

$30 + 52 Weeks = $1,500

$3,640 at home + $1,500 on the town= $5,140/year

The calculations are easy if you are willing to just guess. I like to round up with this and my budget. That leaves me some cushion. You might be spending way less depending on the cost of wine you drink and how often you are going. Try skipping even one day, or even one glass per day, this would be reducing the cost of the wine you drink at home per week. Stopping going out to eat are all way to reduce that amount significantly but maybe just reduce the amount of going out monthly and that is still reducing the total at the end of the month.

Quitting for January has been great for me. While I have still had a few drinks on a Saturday the first week and a Friday the second week, I haven’t binged or over drank to the point of being hung over at all. Given its still mid-January I have one drank twice.  The amount of money I’ve saved not drinking is absolutely unbelievable! I paid off my smallest credit card on Wednesday!

Thank you so much for writing in!


The whole point of this blog and my life/health coaching is to help people. I am delighted to get to help out!

*I am not a doctor or lawyer! This advice is friends talking and no more than that!

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