Girlfriends – The importance of female friendships.

Doing WordPress courses on Writing and Poetry has be really educational and thought provoking for me. One of my poems called, Acrostic Friend was about my friend Kara. Then Wednesday I published a story about how I met my friend Stacy. That post is called, A Character Building Building Experience – Meeting Stacy. Through writing these and really thinking about these two woman I really began to think about all my close girlfriends and how much they mean to me.

Needless to say, but I am going to anyway… I love my sons, my boyfriend, my dad, and all my brothers. I love my male friends. Men are wonderful and I value all of my relationships with them.

There is just something unique and special about a connection a woman has with her girlfriends. There is a deep sense of kinship and understanding between women. Yes, we can be catty and dramatic. We can also be deep and honest and truly experience real intimacy with each other.

There are benefits to you romantic relationships when you have outside girlfriends to turn to as well. I know there have been moments where I feel completely in the right and go vent to a friend and she is able to show me both sides of the story. Friends can help you be more compassionate to your boyfriend/husband’s point of view. They can also back you up if you feel like you are crazy for thinking something. If they see red flags, it will be easier for them to be honest with you. When we are blinded by love it is hard to be honest with ourselves about whether the relationship is healthy or not.

Girlfriends get it. We can fight. We can be mad, but as long as one woman steps up and apologizes and opens a dialogue with truth and calmness we can overcome almost any conflict. Why? Because we have all been there. Women understand the complexity of a woman’s emotions and hormonal fluctuations. A girlfriend is less likely to call you crazy and blame your feelings on ‘pms’.  Just being you are having ‘pms’ doesn’t make your feelings less valid. A good friend can reign you in and remind you, while your feels are valid, your reaction doesn’t have to be so fierce or emotional. If a girlfriend points out that you are acting hormonal, they are much more likely to do it in a tactful sensitive way and a woman will be much more responsive to the observation.

According to an article in Newsweek by ,

“Engaging and investing in close relationships are activities associated with a variety of psychological and physical health benefits. Previous studies have found that the quality of these relationships has been linked to healthier behavior, lower incidence of chronic illnesses, higher levels of happiness and lower mortality.”

Making time for you girlfriends could literally make you healthier & save your life!

Let’s express gratitude to a girlfriend today. Send her a text or email. Maybe send her flowers or buy her a coffee. These women are shaping our lives and we are shaping theirs. Look at your friends and find the medium between all of there interests, careers, hobbies, activities, families, etc. Now look in the mirror, we are all an accumulation of the friendships we keep.


What will you do to express gratitude for your girlfriends today?

♥ Melissa


*If you are a man interested in guest blogging the importance of male friendships between men, email me. I would love to post something for the guys.


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4 Replies to “Girlfriends – The importance of female friendships.”

  1. Love, love, love, LOVE this post! I just wrote on the same topic, but mostly because I’m bummed that I haven’t had close female friendships lately. I recently realized that those close, intimate female friendships were exactly what has been missing from my life. It was great to see that point reinforced for me. You and your friends are lucky to have one another!

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