Writing 101 6 – A Character Building Experience


December 30th, 2012. Two days before New Years. A guy I was dating invited my son’s and I to join him with some friends at a beautiful light show at the Idaho Botanical Gardens. Light Up The Night.

We arrived at their house and we went in for introductions. The kids were all the same ages and they ran off to play. Right off the bat you could see Stacy and Nick were a really sweet couple. Bundled in our winter clothes we all piled out their back door towards their back gate and walked down the road and through a parking-lot to the event.

The kids hit it off instantly, as kids tend to do which was nice to see them all have fun with new friends. We all walked around the garden grounds ‘ooing’ and ‘awwing’ at the thousands of twinkle lights strung everywhere.  The guys walked in back and Stacy and I took the lead.


She was instantly cool. I asked what she did, agronomist or a seed scientist. A scientist. I couldn’t get over it. I still can’t. I love to tell people my best friend is a SCIENTIST.  She went to college at the same school I did. Go Bobcats! She and Nick had met in Colorado. I used to live in Colorado!

The evening was so fun I wanted to hang out with her again. She invited my kids and I to come back to their house the next night for a New Years party. The next night we went back to reconvene with our new friends in their home.

It was a wild night. We all drank too much. The kids stayed up too late. We played foosball and talked all night. Wild crazy night for having just met them. Stacy and I hit it off and agreed we would have to keep in touch.

I noticed so many things about her lifestyle I loved and I still admire. She will say I am a dork for noticing and even dorkier for pointing it out. Her dishware is so cool. I love the style, a very classy pottery style. Unique but very tasteful. She uses hand knitted wash clothes to wipe down the kitchen table. She reminds me of my Dad’s sisters in this way. Years later my favorite Christmas present would be when she knitted me 3 for my own house. She speaks directly with her kids but doesn’t push them away either. She is pragmatic. Kind of bohemian but very educated. Shes great with money but isn’t afraid to have fun and take care of her own needs as well as her families. Her neighbors and friends love her. She and her husband have built their own family and found their own community. Their house is the heart and soul of their neighborhood. An evening doesn’t pass with out a few knocks on the door. Stacy is an incredible cook. Her salad dressing should be bottled and sold. Her husband is a talented wood worker and could make a $3,000 kitchen table and be too humble to admit its worth that much. (IT IS!) They are both wonderful athletes. They bike and run. They used to be rock climbers. They are fit and healthy and raise their children that way.

Back to the time line. We didn’t do a great job of staying in touch most of that year. Yet we did end up spending the following New Years eve together where I decided it was finally time to end things with a guy I had been seeing. Stacy was great and comforted me and assured me, saying all the things a good girlfriend should say in that situation.

We ended up being great friends. While there was a lot of back and forth and drama for me in my life, she was always patient and there for me. We would ride bikes together and run together. We started camping together every summer. We do regular sleep overs for the kids. We do dinners together. Family outings. Babysit for each other.  I’ve been dating my current boyfriend for almost 4 years now and her husband Nick and Troy get along great. They ride bikes together. They talk about stuff Stacy and I can ignore while we talk about whatever things we are interested in at the moment.

She is a beautiful person with a fascinating life. Her family is wonderful. When I finally get her to start her blog I can promise you, it will be a book worth reading very soon after she hits the first publish button on the first blog post.

Not sure how great of a job I did building a character as much as describing my friend, but who cares.  Cheers Stacy!








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