Writing 101 – Building a Blog Habit – 5 Be Brief

5 – Be Brief – Lost Letter

My brother and I were walking around our neighborhood. In the gutter we found a damaged picture of a woman. At the time she seemed old but in retrospect she was probably the same age I am now. She had the early 90’s short tight curled hair. A light blue blazer with the shoulders just a little too large. She was looking right at the camera. Who on earth was she?  My brother and I walked a little further.

We found a letter. There was no way to know if the woman in the picture wrote the letter.  As kids we assumed she did and the gutter had carried the letter away from her picture.  Did John just throw the letter and her photo out the window of his car?  She clearly loved John. Whoever, this Cheryl is that wrote the letter.  Cheryl just wanted John to know she was doing alright. Apparently he left his coat at her house but, not to worry she would give it to his Aunt Judy at the rotary club next week.

My brother and I invented many stories about John and Cheryl that day.  I wish I still had the picture. I wish my brother and I were still sleuths. In some ways John and Cheryl are my brother and I.  It was fun while it lasted.

We miss you brother. Call me, John and Cheryl are waiting!

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