Intro to Poetry 4 – Journey

Journey – with Similes

This most recent journey is new and exciting but also familiar and that scares me. My interests fade in and out as quickly as a summer shadow at noon. My bubble easily bursts. I began this path last Friday with true earnest sincerity. Now, today, the joy and excitement are waning. Too much research. The truth is, I found out too much. I lost my innocence. Instead of being as hopeful and optimistic as an 18 year old on her way to college, I am as cynical and leery as a grad-student facing down her student loans with no job perspectives. Google. WHY!?  I was so happy. I was so excited. This can’t be like everything else. Can this be like EVERYTHING else? Can this bubble un-pop?  Can I look past my own shadows to see the bright light again?

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