25 Podcasts

List Tuesday! Today I will share podcasts!  I will try to keep it brief as I listen to a ton!  Keep in mind I work full time and listen to podcasts all day all week!! There are many more.

Here are the 25 I listen to the most..

  1. Never not Funny with Jimmy Pardo
  2. Jordan Jesse Go
  3. Baby Geniuses
  4. My Favorite Murder
  5. Oh No Ross and Carrie
  6. You Must Remember This
  7. Radiolab
  8. Comedy Bang Bang
  9. Overdue
  10. Stop Podcasting Yourself
  11. Dumb People Town
  12. Savage Lovecast
  13. The Dumbbells
  14. Who Charted
  15. Judge John Hodgeman
  16. Doughboys
  17. Freakanomics
  18. Invisibilia
  19. Ben Greenfield Fitness
  20. Stuff you missed in History Class
  21. Death, Sex, & Money
  22. Re: Sound
  23. Snap Judgement
  24. This American Life
  25. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

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