Week in Review! Declutter Continued, Sober January, Shopping Ban progress, & the dreaded budget!

Made it through another week with all my New Years resolutions in tact! I am progressing quite nicely, being that is still January!  When is it we are supposed to abandon our New Years resolutions? Sometime in February? My thought is, if we keep resolving and keep at it, then that ‘abandon date’ will get kicked further and further down the road, until hopefully these aren’t just goals, they are our lifestyle!

Last week in…


FullSizeRenderWe did pretty good. As previously mentioned we decided to get rid of all our DVDs. It was much easier for my kids because they weren’t really ‘getting rid’ of all of them. They were merely donating the ones that are too young for them and then taking the rest to their Dad’s house. It was a little harder for me. The movies I have I really love. The truth is I never watch them anymore, or rarely if I do. Regardless I have sentimental feelings towards them. I sat on this all week. Finally Thursday, I realized if I have the desire to watch one of these movies…. I can buy or rent it digitally. These movies aren’t being thrown out, just the copies cluttering up my bookshelf. The box is in my car right now. I have been trying to find some takers… so far no one seems to want them. Idaho Youth Ranch here I come!

Slowly I have been working on cleaning up my make up and hair products. There are three categories these items belong to. What will go to Troy’s house, what will stay at my house, and what will be tossed. Being very conscious during my morning routine has really helped narrow down what products I always use and which I just use randomly sometimes because I see them in my bag.

Next I plan to tackle my pantry.  There is so much stuff in there, I’m dreading it. Last week I said I would tackle it but there has been so much going on I haven’t had a chance… (excuse excuse excuse). This week I will get to it though!

Sober January


Sober January went very well this week!  Friday evening Troy and I went out with friends.  We decided together it would be ok to have some cocktails and keep it in check. He had two cocktails and a beer. I had three and half cocktails and half a beer. We went home at a reasonable hour and we went to bed. Saturday we got up early-ish made breakfast and packed up! We headed out to a hot springs about two hours away. A couple friends met us there and one of them had a couple beers. I won’t lie and say we weren’t a little jealous.  Having a nice cold beer in a nice hot – hot springs is something we enjoy. We made due with a couple bottles of water and some la cruix. We had a wonderful time.

I have been drinking a ton of tea and that has really helped with any desire to drink alcohol. Watching myself sober is interesting and I am learning a lot. For instance I don’t pound beer because I am a raging alcoholic. I pound all my drinks. I never noticed before but I really do drink 5000 cups of tea and bottles of water a day. Apparently I am a fast drinker in general. Being aware of this helped me to slow down and pay attention. Especially on Friday when we did decide to have some drinks with friends.  This is a very interesting experiment and I have to say…. I FEEL GREAT!

Shopping Ban & Budget

I still have not exactly decided how to display my budget on this blog. I will say that I have been doing a good job of entering everything into my Daily Budget app. I am living under my means and am going to be able to pay off my debt pretty quickly. I have done some online shopping but I used a gift card for that. The two things I spent money on this week, that were not in my budget were;

$100 for tea/anti-anxiety

$399 Enrollment into Health/Life Coach training

The schooling is now in my budget and I hope to get the total tuition paid of quickly. The last thing I want is to feel that I have student loans again. The tea was an anomaly and I don’t think a bulk purchase like that will come up for a while. My anxiety has been really in check lately. This might have to do with quitting drinking, but the psychosomatic effect of certain teas help as well. I strongly believe in the placebo effect.

Budgets are very hard for me to stick to. One thing that has helped, is writing it down over and over again. Checking my bank, checking my credit cards. Just constantly being aware of where my money is etc.  The more aware I am the less I spend. If I put my head in the sand and don’t check my bank account, I will overdraft.

Two things that are not included above and are not budgeted for are the two times I went out to eat without a gift card. Monday my kids and I went out for burgers and we got Troy some to go.  Total with Tip was $24.55.  Amazing what not ordering alcohol will do to reduce the total on a check at the end of the night. The other time was on Friday. Troy paid at the first bar and I paid at the second my total $31.49, this doesn’t count the Uber ride either.

Viewing those amounts, $56.04 on going out to eat- sigh. Was worth it to see my friends? Yes but we could have seem them with out eating out. Was the food that good? Yes, actually I think it is my new favorite burger place in Boise. I made a choice to spend $56. It could have gone towards my credit card. I have decided that my entire next pay check will go onto my credit card. I will not go out to eat without a gift card at all this week. If I can make this work, my smaller credit card will be paid off on Wednesday!  I really want that debt gone so I can focus where I really need to, the larger credit card. Eventually then my truck, and now school.

Do me a favor, will you?

Email me with your advice questions for Friday!  If I choose your question to answer on the blog you will get to decide on a book from my personal collection. I will mail it to you and I will pay shipping so don’t worry!

This blog is helping me with my schooling. The advice Fridays is to help me interact with people that need help with even the smallest or largest of questions.



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