Intro to Poetry Day 3 – Acrostic Friend


Follow her where she goes. The trail is winding and bumpy but she knows the way. She knows every y every switch back.  Let your bike follow hers.

Riding down hill is the fastest when she leads. Watching her go first taking jumps and turns quickly. It feels safe to watch her go first. She will never lead somewhere scary or dangerous.

I often feel like I am not the best mountain biker. She is so complimentary of my skill. We take turns leading. We practice features together. She is my favorite riding partner.

Even when we can’t go together. We always text after a ride. Motivating each other to get on the bike. Pedal! Get up that hill, get down that hill. The feeling of accomplishment is incredible.

Not everyone can take on this sport. There is a kinship with other cyclists. When you are coming down the hill and see someone climbing up, there is a sense of pride. This is my tribe.

Do you know who she is? Do you have her in your life? What activities in your life spark these deep and everlasting?


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