Writing 101 Building a Blog Habit 4 – Lost, writing a series.

Lost – A Series

Sarah and I were so bored. Our parents were doing what parents do when they get together. Sit at the kitchen table and talk and drink. Talk and drink. Mom!! I am so bored!! Can’t they see us rotting over here?

Why is it that the one time in our life we are encouraged to use our imagination we whine at our parents to use theirs to tell us what we should be imagining.

Sarah and I came up with a plan, we decided to go on a walk around the block. Not the small block, but the big block. The larger block that encompasses the entire neighborhood. We asked our moms and of course they were more than happy to let us go. They yelled after us to be careful on the big busy street. DON’T CROSS PARKCENTER AND…… we couldn’t hear a word they were saying. We were having fun giggling and running down the street like the little girls we were.

We ran a ways and then slowed to a walk. We talked about school. She was two grades below me in my brother’s grade. Sarah was our cousin. She and Nick are only a month apart. We got along better just because we are girls. I regret we didn’t remain close as we got older. No hard feelings, we just grew apart. She’s around though and I still hear about her through our parents. Our mothers are sister.

We circled back around and we were back on her street coming from the other direction and walking toward her house. As we approached I could see my mom standing out front and she was mad. It was never good when mom was mad.  What could I have done this time? She said we could go!? We approached and she harshly demanded to know where Nick had gone. I don’t know where Nick went, we weren’t here.  “But we told you girls to take Nick with you.”  We didn’t hear that part. Nick was riding his bike, we figured he was just going in circles around the small block. Turn right three houses, turn right, three houses, turn right three houses, turn right two houses and oh there you are back at our Aunt’s house.

My mom was pissed and at that time it felt unreasonably so. As a parent now I totally get it.  Sarah and I raced around the big block and my mom jumped in her car and started driving around. I could see Nick across the 4 lanes of traffic that make Parkcenter. Why the hell did he cross the road? I yelled to him but he didn’t hear me. I saw my mom’s car across the street pull over.

Now I knew I was in trouble, but I had no idea what was coming. There was no way for me to know. This is the first time it had ever happened.