Exciting Announcements!

HURRAY!! I am so excited to tell you what has happened as of last night.

A few days ago I replied to this question on another blog…

What would you like to accomplish this year?

I’d like to just stick with my blog. Even if no one reads it. I love writing and would like to get better at it. I’d love to work on the novel I’ve been thinking about for years. I’d love to become a health and life coach and help all my friends and anyone who needs it. I want to be outside and be healthy. I want to be a rock. A solid foundation for my children and loved ones!

The first announcement, I have taken one more step towards my goals for this year!  I am going back to school!!  I have enrolled in a program to become a health and life coach!  I was a personal trainer for years before my 8 year old was born. I am familiar with coaching and leading a healthy lifestyle. While I am not super interested in going back into personal training and I have no problem outlining workouts for people. Exploring the nutrition and mental aspects of health seem so much more interesting.  This was a hard decision for me to make, as I am always short on time, raising two kids and working full time. This has been a dream of mine and now that I am finally walking down this path I can’t believe how long I waited. I will for sure keep you posted on all the wonderful things this program is teaching me. Helping people and watching others succeed brings a lot of joy and makes me feel very fulfilled. Maybe it is selfish but is anything we do truly altruistic?


♥ Melissa

7 Replies to “Exciting Announcements!”

  1. How exciting I can’t wait to hear more about it. Last year after my youngest son started Kindergarten I made the decision to go back to school at age 32 as a full time student I was nervous at first as you know balancing family and school comes with some sacrifices even with the full support of my husband. I told my boys the days of homemade and handmade might be rare they still cheered me on. I survived my semester with an ABCD. You can do it

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