At the Trailhead

I’m a slow burn.  You can give me the greatest advice in the world and while I will agree you are probably right, it will take me a very long time to finally come around to following it, if ever! For years I have really felt the need to find a way to create a budget I will stick to.  I’ve started budgets and they always eventually fall to the back burner. I’ve been blessed that my Mom, my tax return or something else will always come up to save me. The fact is I want to be an adult. I would like to be able to travel with my boyfriend, buy myself new equipment (when needed), give my children a secure future and maybe even eventually retire from my career.

Who the heck am I?  I am a single mom of two rad sons. They live at their Dad’s house every other week. I do have a boyfriend and feel very blessed to have several very close friends as well. We are a very active group and love spending time on road trips, eating and drinking, and a ton of outdoor activities…. expensive outdoor activities. Mainly skiing and mountain biking. I love creating various mediums of artwork. In fact, I’ve worked as a graphic designer at a local company for nearly a decade.

The truth is I really don’t spend money on what you’d expect. I don’t go on shopping sprees for clothes and shoes. I rarely buy makeup. My skis are used, my boots are 16 years old.  We do have memberships to a rock climbing (bouldering) gym at about $69/mo. Luckily my children and I love to read but we can easily buy 2 or 3 books for each of us with every trip to the bookstore. We spend a lot of money on gas going camping or visiting friends & family. I spend money on ski passes, ski lessons, and rental equipment for them. I love buying gifts for my friends. Birthdays and Christmas are very rough on my paychecks.  The majority of my money goes to frivolous things. I visit the store multiple times a week for food.  Truth is, the store nearest to my home is the an expensive grocer.  The most money I waste is by far when going out to eat & drink with friends. I calculated that I probably spent roughly $5,000 on alcohol last year alone. Be it prepping for camping, bbqs, going out to eat, partying, having drinks at home, buying people bottles of wine, shots etc. In the moment it doesn’t seem like a lot but when calculating it now, I can’t believe how much of my paychecks go to alcohol.

Lately I have been reading a lot of finance blogs and reading about Shopping Bans. My favorite is Cait Flander’s.  She has unknowingly been very inspiring to me. She completed a very successful shopping ban as well as purged the majority of her unnecessary belongings. I’m really excited to say I’ve decided to take her advice. While I am terrible at sticking with things like this, I am going to dedicate myself to it through this blog. I will outline my goals below. Hopefully I will be able to stick with them.

Goal List for 2018

  • Shopping Ban
  • Make and Follow a Budget!
  • Organize my house & donate/sell nonessential items.
  • Run, Ride, Ski, do Yoga, workout, or Climb 2-3x/week.
  • Begin some freelancing jobs.
  • Drink less alcohol.
  • Start a garden & maintain it.

Goal List for January – Mile Marker 1.

  • Create Mile Marker 1 Budget Goals
  • Decide on Shopping Ban rules and goals.
  • Begin the large declutter of my house.
  • Workout 2x/week.
  • Post on my blog 1-2x/week
  • Get 1 follower for my blog.

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